“Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.”
-Psalm 145:4 (CEV)


Parenting Faith™ Take-Out Boxes

Parenting Faith™ Take-Out is an easy-to-do “quick success” to introduce your congregation’s parents and grandparents to homegrown faith.


  • 36 activity cards for each of the three Take-Out Boxes.
  • Table Sign to identify your give-away table.
  • I Volunteered to Staff the Parenting Faith™ Table hand out for those staffing your give-away table.
  • Read This First guide to help you put together and promote your Boxes. Includes alternative use of bags or cups instead of take-out boxes.
  • Promo Slides, PowerPoint slides to promote your Take-Out Boxes.
  • Parenting Faith™ Flier, an editable promotional flier.