“Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.”
-Psalm 145:4 (CEV)


Family Activity Kits / 10-Minute Workshops

Parenting Faith™ Family Activity Kits/10-Minute Workshops provide you with a Five Faith Promises activity PDF from which you can create easy-to-use family activities to give away. Kits can be handed out individually, given away at a family ministry table or placed as pew prizes in your worship center’s pews or chairs for people to do with their family members.

The Kits also include a 10-Minute Total Family Workshop that provides a crosstgenerational experience for your congregation’s families around a Five Faith Promises activity.


  • Activity sheets for each Kit.
  • Editable Letter from You, that you can edit and place in each of the Kits to give to parents and grandparents.
  • Parenting Faith™ Flier, an editable promotional flier.
  • Read This First to guide you in how to put together, give away, and promote the Family Activity Kits.
  • 10-Minute Total Family Workshop Presentation, a PowerPoint presentation that engages your families in a brief hands-on workshop around each of the Kits.