“Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.”
-Psalm 145:4 (CEV)


Five Minutes with Families

Five Minutes with Families connects everyone in your congregation with children, including teenagers, and their parents in a safe, crosstgenerational environment to make faith connections that pass on a lasting faith in Christ.

How It Works
Research is clear. Congregations need crosstgenerational worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism and mission, and ministry opportunities if they wish to pass on a faith that lasts. Children, including teenagers, need to be connected to faith-caring adults in your congregation. Christ-following families with kids need to be connected to other like-minded families with kids. Singles and couples need to be connected to each other and to your congregation’s children and youth. Grandparents with grandkids in other communities need to be connected to your congregation’s kids. You get the picture. Five Minutes with Families gives you a simple and quick, yet effective, crosstgenerational opportunity.


  • 12 sets of four conversation coasters in each of the three kits lend themselves to a once-a-month event. However, you may choose to do this less often (every other month, for example). If so, you can email a set of four conversation coasters directly to families on the off months.
  • Read This First, a leader’s guide to help you organize your events.
  • Five Minutes with Families Flier, an editable promotional flier.
  • PowerPoint Promo, an editable slide to promote your events.
  • Five Minutes with Families Directions, a guide placed at each table.
  • Table Leader’s Guide, equips your volunteer table leaders.