“Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.”
-Psalm 145:4 (CEV)


Bringing Faith Home Thru the Year

The purpose of Bringing Faith Home™ is to empower, equip, and encourage parents to be more intentional about passing on their Christian faith to their little ones up to five-years-old.

Customize this program to create your own Bringing Faith Home™ Thru the Year ministry to meet the unique needs of your congregation. Add, subtract, change or tweak as your Little Ones Ministry Team sees fit.

Receive all the resources you need to implement an effective year-long Bringing Faith Home™ ministry.


  • Starter Kit
    ...an easy-to-assemble tool that introduces parents with little ones to your ministry of passing on faith.
  • Introduce Your Little One to Jesus Brochure
    ...gives parents an introduction to passing on a faith in Christ to their little ones.
  • 12 Activities to Email
    ...fun-n-faith activities for parents to do with their little ones.
  • Events
    ...Kick-off Event, four Giveaway Sundays, plus an Event Planning Guide that includes event ideas.
  • Bringing Faith Home™ Table
    ...more than a dozen activities to hand out, questions answered, and prayer requests received.
  • Leader’s Guides
    ...Read This First leadership material for each of the components of the ministry plus promotional materials like fliers and PowerPoint slides.
  • Little Ones Ministry Team
    ...easy to implement using a team approach with training materials included.