“Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.”
-Psalm 145:4 (CEV)


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General FAQs

  • What are the Five Faith Promises?

    These are five faith disciplines that families can practice together to nurture faith in both children and parents. They are called promises because they promise an exciting life in Jesus Christ. Families can experience the joy of living in grace as they follow Christ together.

    #1 PRAYER: We promise to pray together every day.

    #2 BIBLE READING: We promise to read the Bible together regularly.

    #3 FAITH CONVERSATIONS: We promise to talk together often about Jesus and our faith.

    #4 ACTS OF SERVICE: We promise to perform acts of service together in our community, our congregation, and our home.

    #5 SHARED MEALTIMES: We promise to share five or more meals together each week, and to engage in other rituals and traditions together.

  • Isn’t it the congregation’s job to pass on faith?

    Parents and grandparents are the primary influence for good or bad, of the faith and values of their children, including teenagers. The congregation can only supplement what is happening in the home. The ideal is a home-congregation partnership with the home taking the primary role of passing on a faith that is more likely to be owned by children when they become adults. The faith of the parents and grandparents tends to become the faith of their children and grandchildren. This fact doesn’t negate the important role the congregation plays in passing on faith. It should, however, motivate the congregation to promote homegrown faith.

  • What is homegrown faith?

    Homegrown faith is a family-centered approach to faith formation in which the home becomes the primary place where faith formation occurs. The congregation partners with the home by providing training for parents, grandparents, and the family as well as resources for passing on faith through family life. Resources like Parenting Faith, Grandparenting Faith, Bringing Faith Home, and Faith Make-n-Takes can help your congregation encourage homegrown faith.

  • How do I convince parents that they need to practice homegrown faith?

    You can tell stories of how your faith and the faith of those you know were shaped by parents, grandparents, and other family members. Yes, the congregation matters. Its role in shaping the faith of young people is significant. But the role parents, grandparents, and extended family members play is even more critical than the congregation’s. Both the home and the congregation are necessary for passing on a lasting faith. (Important Note: There is not enough time spent in congregation, in mentoring relationships, or in programs to pass on faith apart from the home.)

  • How do I convince staff and volunteers who disagree about the importance of homegrown faith?

    "Parents get in the way." "Parents don’t know enough about the Bible." "Parents aren’t capable of passing on faith." You may hear these and more. Many staff and volunteers believe that what they do is more important than the influence of parents and grandparents. While this is not born out by the evidence (both research and Scripture), it is a strongly held belief that you may confront. If corrective facts fail to sway someone’s opinion, here are seven suggestions that may help you convince staff and volunteers of the importance of homegrown faith:

    1. Respectfully and actively listen to the contrary opinion.
    2. Dialogue without attacking.
    3. Keep a level head, leaving emotions out of the discussion.
    4. Above all else love the person who disagrees with you.
    5. Reflect your understanding of the other person’s opinion.
    6. Tell personal stories about you and those you know who were influenced by the faith of family members.
    7. Assure staff and volunteers that promoting homegrown faith does not put their role or job in jeopardy, it enhances it.
  • How do I integrate homegrown faith into what our congregation is already doing?

    One of the ministry principles of HomeandChurch.com is—"Don’t ask parents and grandparents to do at home what hasn't been practiced in congregation." The practice and promotion opportunities of the resources found in homeandchurch.com are designed to fit into the already-established routines of the congregation. For example, a 10-Minute Workshop can be done after a worship service or a ministry table activity can be done in only a few minutes as families head to their cars.

    Homegrown faith is something you promote and practice in congregation so that families can do faith activities at home or while traveling in the car.

  • How do parents and grandparents find the time?

    Encourage parents to fuse faith formation into the normal routines of family life. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 teaches this principle. Parents can practice the Five Faith Promises during mealtimes, before they leave in the morning, while traveling in the car or while out for a meal.

    Click here for But I Don’t Have The Time.

  • How can my congregation get started in encouraging homegrown faith?

    1. PRAY fervently with the end result in mind. Get a team of people praying for parents, grandparents, and their families. Smother your ministry in prayer. Pray for the end result: that families grow closer to each other as they become more like Christ and faith is owned when children become adults.
    2. INITIATE A QUICK SUCCESS that introduces your homegrown faith ministry to parents and grandparents. You can get free, quick-success ideas in the "Get Started" section of HomeandChurch.com.
    3. HOST A MINISTRY TABLE where you can introduce your parents and grandparents to your homegrown faith ministry, hand out resources, answer questions and receive prayer requests.
    4. TRAIN A MINISTRY TEAM who can help you lead your homegrown faith ministry. You don’t have to do this alone.
    5. HOST A KICK-OFF EVENT as well as other events that connect families to each other, your congregation and your homegrown faith ministry.
    6. PROVIDE RESOURCES by email and hand outs to your parents and grandparents to encourage them to engage their children and grandchildren, including teenagers, in homegrown faith formation.
    7. GROW your homegrown faith ministry. Begin slowly to build a strong ministry. You can get all kinds of resources at HomeandChurch.com.

    Click here for a HomeGrown Faith Experiment.

  • How do I respond to parental excuses for not practicing homegrown faith?

    The vast majority of parents who make excuses about homegrown faith do so out of fear. They are afraid they will make a mistake or won’t do it right. So what do parents (and grandparents) need? They need grace.

    Click here for Questions Parents Ask.

  • How do I handle the parent who wants to go deeper with their family?

    Say something like "I'm glad that you want to go deeper with your family. There are commentaries and study Bibles that can help do that. The HomeandChurch.com activities are designed as a starting point or jumpstart for families to practice the Five Faith Promises together on a regular basis."

    [Note: Many parents equate "deeper" with more verses read. More is not deeper! We don’t want to mark our Christian maturity by simply knowing more about the Bible, we want to mark our maturity in Christ by living out the Bible. The fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5 (see Bible passages below) is a great marker of our Christian maturity.]

    "God’s Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. There is no law against behaving in any of these ways. And because we belong to Christ Jesus, we have killed our selfish feelings and desires. God’s Spirit has given us life, and so we should follow the Spirit." Galatians 5:22-26 (CEV)

  • How about grandparents who are raising their grandchildren?

    They need to participate with their grandchildren and learn how to pass on a faith that lasts through practicing the Five Faith Promises just as parents need to participate.

Technical FAQs

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